Event Schedule

FRIDAY, 23. August 2024 - Registration and Welcome

3.00 | Welcome
3.30 | Coffee (with „speeddating“ tables)

5.00 | Keynote
Prof. Dr. Ute Dettmar,
„Transmedial story telling: Cornelia Funke“

6.30 | Welcome Dinner (with „speeddating“ tables)

SATURDAY, 24. August 2024 - Media Culture and Participation

10.00 | Plenary Lecture
Prof. Dr. Vanessa Joosen
„Age studies and digital methods: analysing children’s literature“

11.00 | Book Cities Mainz and Frankfurt

Dr. Anke Vogel & Dr. Iris Schäfer,
Getting to know Mainz and Frankfurt

12.30 | Lunch

2.00 | Workshop
Johannes Mayer „Media Socialization“

Afternoon & Evening free

SUNDAY, 25. August 2024 - Field Trip Grimmworld Kassel

Grimmwelt Kassel

In the middle of the city of Kassel and in the heart of Germany, GRIMMWELT Kassel is the world’s largest exhibition house dedicated to the life’s work of the Brothers Grimm. As a cultural, leisure, and educational institution as well as an event location, GRIMMWELT invites you to discover, learn, and experience. Experience-oriented, surprising, innovative, modern, and accessible, GRIMMWELT Kassel presents the fascinating life and work of the famous fairy tale collectors and linguists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.


Plus a trip to Kassel‘s Wilhelmshöhe

The Wilhelmshöhe mountain park is unique in the world. It is considered Europe‘s largest mountain park and is famous for its unique wealth of trees and plants, the museums and sights and of course the Hercules and the water features. It is rightly one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


MONDAY, 26. August 2024 - Children‘s Media and Diversity

9.00 | Plenary Lecture
Prof. Dr. Maren Conrad
„Children‘s Literature and Disability Studies“

10.00 | Workshop 2
Liesen Sophie Lange
„History of Disability in Children‘s Books“

12.15 | Lunch

2.00 | Workshop 3
Dr. Manuela Kalbermatten
„Masculinity in media for young people“

4.00 | Coffee

5.00 | Workshop 4
Creative Workshop Sound – with Chris Kling from Klangwelten

TUESDAY, 27. August 2024 - Translation and Visualisation

9.00 | Plenary Lecture
Prof. Dr. Emer O’Sullivan
“Children’s Literature in Translation: Issues and Approaches”

10.00 | Workshop 5
Dr. Ben Dammers
„Digital approaches to illustrations studies”

12.15 | Lunch

2.00 | Workshop 6
Prof. Dr. Lena Hoffmann
Celebrity Studies and Picture Books

4.00 | Workshop 7
Creative workshop Illustration: with illustrators Dully & Dax

WEDNESDAY, 28. August 2024 - New Media and Methods

9.00 | Plenary Lecture
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lauer
„What makes children read? About imaginary friends and other assorted asymmetric interactions“

10.00 | Workshop 8
Questionnaire based analysis media use. The case of KIM and JIM

12.00 | Lunch

2.00 | Field Trip
German TV Station ZDF
„How to make TV and radio shows for young people“

THURSDAY, 29. August 2024 - Meet the Pros

9.45 | Field Trip 3
Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels (Frankfurt):

Meeting with members (and with people from Frankfurt bookfair), discussion of job opportunities and chances from the professional sector about what skills, knowledge, and experiences the book industry expects from the next generation of young professionals.

1.00 | Lunch at the Börsenverein

3.00 | Field Trip 4
Klingspor-Museum mit Workshop

7.00 | Special Guest
An evening with the illustrator Pei-Yu Chang at the University of Frankfurt

FRIDAY, 30. August 2024 - Closing Event

9.00 | Plenary Lecture
Dr. Iris Schäfer
„Fashion in Children‘s Media“

10.00 | Closing Event

12.00 | Lunch

End and Departure